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Lisker Cognac

When, in 1880, Christiaan Lisker Junior took over the family wine and spirits trading company founded in 1824 by his grand-father Christiaan Lisker Senior, it was already flourishing.

At the end of the 19th century, spices, precious fabrics, coffee, tea, wines and spirits from all parts of the world arrived in the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

The Dutch merchant navy wielded undisputed supremacy over all the oceans and trade was prosperous.

In this environment propitious to initiative, Christiaan Lisker decided, to perfect quality, to go and select directly the great wines of Bordeaux, the old Portos, the Sherries an, most of all, the extraordinarily pure eau-de-vie frome the billsides of South-West France, called cognac. He acquired precious lots of Grande Champagne and of old Borderies, tasted, selected and controlled the distillation and ageing if wht later became his speciality and led to his fame all over the North of Europe, the Netherlands, his native country Poland, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

Today, passion for cognac is still alive in the family, and the great-grandchildren taste dans choose the old cognacs, with the same love and care, to export them all over the world.